Lobos e cordeiros closes its broadcast with an 11.5% share

The historical fiction series “Lobos e cordeiros”, which was broadcast by TVG throughout 2019, closed its broadcast with an 11.5% share. “It is a period series […]

The video clip “A zombie out in the open”, by Alejandro Sanz, exceeds 30 million views

The video clip “Un zombie a la intemperie”, on the eponymous song composed and performed by Alejandro Sanz, has far exceeded 30 million views on YouTube, […]

Enrique Iglesias’ video promoting Galicia exceeds all expectations with more than 150 million views

The video clip of the song “Noche y día” by Enrique Iglesias, which shows some of the most spectacular Galician locations, has exceeded the most optimistic […]

The TVG premieres the new series “Lobos e cordeiros”

“A period series that we hope will mark the time,” says José María Besteiro, producer of the series “Lobos e cordeiros”. The TVG will premiere in […]